Gums & Resins

Gums and resins have been playing an important role in human live for decades. Since nowadays our lives are surrounded by synthetic products, natural gums and resins have become indispensable. They have different applications from food ingredients up to the pharmaceutical industry and finally for the production of colours and varnishes. Gum tragacanth, asafetida and galbanum are our main products.

Gum Tragacanth
We deliver gum tragacanth as a raw material in different Ribbon and Falke classes. We also produce tragacanth powder in different qualities. The raw material is packed in 25-50 kg jute bags and the powder in 25 kg paper bags or drums. Of course other packaging sizes are available on request.

Asafoetida soft pink & Galbanum
Thanks to our immediate contacts to the origin, we purchase these products directly from the collectors. Therefore we are able to trace back each batch to the area and the collectors. We have many years of experience with these products and it is a pleasure for us to advise you about the different characteristics of the different raw materials. Furthermore, we are able to keep you informed about the market situation, thanks to our contact with the collectors.