Raw materials for tea

Cultivation, production and trading of raw materials for the tee industry is one of our speciality. Personal contact with the farmers ensures a high level of quality in our products. This guarantees also that our customers can be fully satisfied. Basic steps of quality control regarding sensorial, analytical and microbiological parameters of our raw materials are carried out in the country of cultivation. If the products meet the high EU standards they are released for export to Germany. We offer our customers all processing steps like cleaning, cutting, milling, mixing, laser sorting, germ reduction and CO2 pressure disinfection. Upon request we produce our products in different forms: regular size, tea-bag cut, powder etc.

Our product range:

Licorice root, orange flowers, rose buds (pink, white, yellow), rose flowers (with and without calyx), mallow flowers, red poppy flowers, safflower, black and green tea, strawberry leaves

Different products can be offered in organic quality.