We have the most precious and valued cultural spice of our planet in our product program. The saffron crop starts in autumn. The purple striped flowers are collected in the early morning. The flowers contain three crimson red stigmas. The collector pulls out the perigynous of the blossoming flower manually, from which saffron, the spice, is extracted. Over 170.000 blooms are necessary in order to produce a single kilogram of the precious spice. This is the reason for its high price.

We have saffron in three forms: filaments, powder and the extract. We offer a wide range of saffron filament and powder in different packages like boxes, envelopes, sachets etc. and sizes from 0.1 to 1.000 gr. We also offer the possibility of devising a packaging according to the specific demands of our customers. You will then be able to choose the design and size of the product package.