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Aromaplant GmbH is a privately owned German company active in cultivating, manufacturing and trading plant-based raw materials for the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries. Our knowledge and competence is based on long term experience which you can trust. Quality, reliability, innovation and flexibility is the basis for a successful and close cooperation with our partners and customers.

The headquarters of our company is located in Berlin and our warehouse is based in Hamburg, where we have an excellent connection not only to different European countries but also worldwide. We guarantee our customers a quick delivery of their goods thanks to our efficient logistic partners.

In addition to our home-grown products we have long term contracts with farmers, who we support and consult with. This close contact enables complete traceability of the products from cultivation to delivery. After initial testing we purchase the product and ensure with analytical tests that European standards are met. The final step of quality control is carried out in Germany.
On the following pages you will find information about our range of products. If you have any further questions about the products or you need samples please don’t hesitate to contact us. We will always be at your service.

Gums & Resins

Gums & Resins

Gums and resins have been playing an important role in human live for decades. Since nowadays our lives are surrounded by synthetic products, natural gums and resins have become indispensable. They have different applications from food ingredients up to the pharmaceutical industry and finally for the production of colours and varnishes. Gum tragacanth, asafetida and galbanum are our main products.

Gum Tragacanth
We deliver gum tragacanth as a raw material in different Ribbon and Falke classes. We also produce tragacanth powder in different qualities. The raw material is packed in 25-50 kg jute bags and the powder in 25 kg paper bags or drums. Of course other packaging sizes are available on request.

Asafoetida soft pink & Galbanum
Thanks to our immediate contacts to the origin, we purchase these products directly from the collectors. Therefore we are able to trace back each batch to the area and the collectors. We have many years of experience with these products and it is a pleasure for us to advise you about the different characteristics of the different raw materials. Furthermore, we are able to keep you informed about the market situation, thanks to our contact with the collectors.

Liquorice extract

Liquorice extract

The chemical composition, taste and aroma of liquorice extract are heavily affected by climatic conditions. The main characteristic of our goods is the high content of glycyrrhizin, a pleasant taste and an intense aroma.

Each costumer comes to us with a different set of requirements regarding the characteristics of his liquorice extract. To meet the requirements of our customers, we work closely with them to find the right flavour. We carefully select the roots we purchased from different origins. The technical expertise of our colleagues on the production side gives us a lot of flexibility in answering the customers’ demands and guarantees a stable quality.

We deliver liquorice extract in different forms: Liquorice powder, Liquorice block, Liquorice paste (Semi Fluid), Liquorice granulate.

Raw materials for tea

Raw materials for tea

Cultivation, production and trading of raw materials for the tee industry is one of our speciality. Personal contact with the farmers ensures a high level of quality in our products. This guarantees also that our customers can be fully satisfied. Basic steps of quality control regarding sensorial, analytical and microbiological parameters of our raw materials are carried out in the country of cultivation. If the products meet the high EU standards they are released for export to Germany. We offer our customers all processing steps like cleaning, cutting, milling, mixing, laser sorting, germ reduction and CO2 pressure disinfection. Upon request we produce our products in different forms: regular size, tea-bag cut, powder etc.

Our product range:

Licorice root, orange flowers, rose buds (pink, white, yellow), rose flowers (with and without calyx), mallow flowers, red poppy flowers, safflower, black and green tea, strawberry leaves

Different products can be offered in organic quality.

Herbs & Spices

Herbs & Spices

Over the last years the food and pharmaceutical industry has been having considerable problems with pesticide, microbiology and toxins in plantbased raw materials; for this reason we have specialized in particular plants which we can track from cultivation, harvesting, storage to delivery. We know the problems of these plants and the solutions.They comply with the current German and European quality standards. We process the goods according to the specification of customers in different forms: whole, cut, powdered and germ reduced.



We have the most precious and valued cultural spice of our planet in our product program. The saffron crop starts in autumn. The purple striped flowers are collected in the early morning. The flowers contain three crimson red stigmas. The collector pulls out the perigynous of the blossoming flower manually, from which saffron, the spice, is extracted. Over 170.000 blooms are necessary in order to produce a single kilogram of the precious spice. This is the reason for its high price.

We have saffron in three forms: filaments, powder and the extract. We offer a wide range of saffron filament and powder in different packages like boxes, envelopes, sachets etc. and sizes from 0.1 to 1.000 gr. We also offer the possibility of devising a packaging according to the specific demands of our customers. You will then be able to choose the design and size of the product package.

Essential oils

Essential oils

We supply our customers in the food, cosmetic and pharmaceutical industries with some special essential oils that we manufacture in our own facility.

We are specialzed in:

Rose oil

Asafoetida oil

Galbanum oil

Tarragon oil

Dried Fruits

Dried Fruits

Drying is one of the oldest and gentlest methods of preserving fruit. Dried fruit and nuts prove themselves as valuable resources for minerals, enzymes and important vitamins.

Besides offering the classic dried fruits and nuts like apricots, figs, almonds and pistachios we process exotic dehydrated fruits like melons, kiwis and pomegranates - all without any additives.

We have a short list of dried fruits and therefore are highly specialized and very familiar with problems like mycotoxin, microbiology or pesticide residues. We are able to be in control of these problems right from the beginning. From cultivation to harvesting and processing our constant, careful checks guarantee products which fulfil all current regulations.

We deliver dried fruit in different forms: as whole but also split or chopped. The goods are packed in cartons with a protective polyethylene lining. Other packages sizes and forms are possible upon request.

Here is an overview of our dried fruit and nuts. If you are interested in further information, we would be pleased to send you our specifications and a market report.

Apricot kernels sweet & bitter
Apricots sweet & sour
Citrus fruits
Pistachio kernels super green to light green
Pomegranate berries
Wild fig

Other products

Other products

Also watch our following range of products:

Quince seeds
Henna leaf powder, red & black
Madder roots
Lemon verbena
St. John's wort
Tonka beans
cinnamon sticks 8 - 40 cm
Echinacea diff. Qualities
Elder Flowers

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Aromaplant GmbH
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